The cast of Legends Roleplaying is pleased that our new campaign, "Legends Legacy" has begun. Join us at Camp Marshall in Spencer Massachusetts, where you are the star of your own personal heroic adventure. Whether a veteran larper or first time player, you will experience combat, skills, and role play like you've never seen before. Our cast, with over 150 combined years of experience, includes people from all over the New England larping community.

These seasoned Larpers provide our players with story lines, challenges, and adventures; all designed to completely immerse you in the world of Areth. Whether you are new to legends or a member of our legends family, you can join us in our vision of the future, which builds upon memories and experiences from all twenty two years of our history.

As always our players assist us in creating our story through our interactive style of role play. You now have an opportunity to be the one of the first players in a new campaign. Your creativity and ideas will become canon in our never ending story. The characters you create will be added to the pantheon of previous Legends players, and you can expand the history in one of the longest running games in New England. The entire Legends community awaits you and your contributions with great anticipation. We look forward to sharing this new and innovative adventure with you for many years to come.

Today is:

  • Legends Legacy would like to thank everyone who attended our War Day event to raise money for the GOOD MORNING, Hoyland Family Fund. With your help we managed to raise over $3,500 that went directly to the Hoyland Family Fund!!!! Thank you!!! It is truly a beautiful and amazing thing that we all can get together in times of need to support one another.

  • Special Offers: We have some new special offers for new players and current players! Check them out!

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Upcoming Events:
  • Spring One 2016: Apr 22, 2016 - Apr 24, 2016
  • Spring Two 2016: Jun 3, 2016 - Jun 5, 2016
  • Fall One 2016: Sep 23, 2016 - Sep 25, 2016
  • Fall Two 2016: Oct 21, 2016 - Oct 23, 2016

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