Characters do not walk into the game with the memory of a newborn. Every player in Legends was born on a continent known as Areth. The entire world is also known as Areth. However, the Frontier, which is the setting for the game, holds many mysteries and surprises. All new players are brought to the settlement by a ship called the Emerald Sail or one of her sister ships. These ships are run by the dominant House in the nation of Galen. There are five main Houses who control Galen; currently the namesake of the nation, the House of Galen, holds the most power.

The House of Galen is quite interested in the "unclaimed" lands of the Frontier. They have started settlements in the hope of gaining a foothold in the territory. To entice people to settle in these lands, the House has made an open offer: anyone willing to promise to settle on the land for at least three years will be granted free passage to the settlement, buildings to stay in, and a modest cash incentive. All player characters at Legends are required to sign an (in-game) agreement stating that they agree to the terms of the Galenese offer.

This offer seems generous, but there are certain rumors that have scared some off. Some say that a race of giants inhabit the area; others whisper of spirit creatures from dark realms stalking mortals through the night. Could these rumors be true? Is it just the propaganda spread by those who are against these settlements or House Galen? Some of the rumors are surely exaggerated, but others must be based on truth - why else would the House advise settlers to bring weapons?

The Agreement with House Galen states this: "I the undersigned hereby agree to accept passage to the Galenese settlement on the Eastern Frontier by the Inland Sea. I also agree to remain in this settlement for a period of at least three consecutive years. In return, House Galen offers use of buildings, a legal structure, and a cash stipend."

Over the first years, rumors have travelled back from the settlements with the sailors. They've told wild tales, some wonderful and some awful. There are stories of gems the size of your fist, treasure hordes and freedom for all. Yet they've also told of fur-faced terrors shredding people with their claws, undead horrors haunting the night, and bands of green-skinned beasts ravaging settlers. But who knows what the truth is.What is certain is that more and more people are climbing the gangplanks to set out for this "land of opportunity." Some flee their past, others look toward a bright future. The Frontier calls them all: adventure seekers, homesteaders, fugitives, runaways and mercenaries. And the Galenese ships take them all without asking many questions.